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Personal Floatation Device (PFD) Exchange Program Overview

Mackenzie’s Mission believes no child should die or suffer brain injury as a result of drowning.
Every day we provide water safety and life jacket education because
drowning is preventable.

The goal of this program is to supply individuals and families with life jackets that are safe and appropriate for their individual size, and to remove life jackets in poor condition from circulation, in order to reduce the drowning and non-fatal drowning incidents in Colorado.


  • Increase number of children wearing properly fitting, good condition, life jackets during water activities.
  • Increase parent/adult knowledge about life jacket use, proper fitting, and the usable condition of life jackets.
  • Raise awareness about the use of life vests.
  • Remove poor condition, unusable life jackets from circulation

Mackenzie’s Mission, in partnership with public and private entities, plans to create a life jacket exchange program. Mackenzie’s Mission would like to set up a table/booth at your location for several hours on one day, or more, in the spring of each year.

This table will provide the opportunity for individuals and families to bring in life jackets that are old, or in poor condition, to donate in exchange for a coupon or discount from your business. In addition, individuals and families will have the opportunity to bring in life jackets of good, usable condition, that no longer have the proper fit, to exchange for life jackets of the correct size.

Currently, there are no known life jacket exchange programs in Northern Colorado. Having support for this program will make a large impact in this area because it will ensure that residents that participate in the outdoor recreational opportunities have the appropriate, safe and fitting life jackets. This program will allow Mackenzie's Mission to reach out to all ages and socio-economic status'.

Each location with a loaner exchange booth/table will include promotional and educational fliers. This will allow for increased knowledge in those who do not require a life jacket exchange, but may not know about proper fitting techniques or water safety issues.

In addition, by providing individuals with the opportunity to donate or trade their old life jackets, Mackenzie’s Mission will be taking non-viable jackets out of circulation.

With your help, Mackenzie’s Mission will reduce the number of fatal and non-fatal drowning incidents by ensuring that adults and children alike have proper fitting life jackets in usable condition.

How You Can Help This Program:
Mackenzie’s Mission needs:

  • New or slightly used USCG Approved life vests.
  • Coupons/Discounts for new USCG approved life vests.
  • Press releases, printing, and copying services.

With your help, Mackenzie’s Mission will reduce the number of fatal and non-fatal drowning incidents by ensuring that adults and children are aware of important life jacket facts and possess correctly fitting life vests.

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